2010-03-01 Log

A paper describing accelerating REYES with GPUs is in SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. NVIDIA has some successful stories with film makers. The Pixar has also been using GPUs to accelerate its renderman. Renderman is using REYES graphics pipeline.

I have started a project called liquidVL, which is a reimplementation and augmentation of the openVL. However, I am afraid I have made a wrong name for my project. Today I notice a start up called “liquid” is running out of business. While the “liquid” or “flex” are popular names in academic projects, like the “liquid SIMD“, “flexstream“, etc., they are not yet commercially viable.

Thread motion, thread migration for energy efficiency, in ISCA 2009 by David Brooks. Sun has done quite some work on thread migration for performance several years back, but without a good analysis for energy. Now the gap is filled.

Comparing bandwidth requirements of different computer display standards.

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