2011-06-20 Log

The latest Top 500 supercomputer list was released during the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) 2011. The Fujitsu K computer, with 8.162 Petaflops LINPACK performance, officially tops the list. A video of interview with Hans Meuer and Jack Dongarra on the latest Top500 list is available at insidehpc.

IBM100, an emotional moment.

Parallelism, Performance, and Energy-Efficiency Tradeoffs for In Situ Sensor Data Processing, in IEEE Embedded System Letters (LES) March 2011.

IEEE Micro May-June 2011 is a special issue on Systems for Very Large-Scale Computing:

The Proceedings of IEEE Junly 2011 is a special issue on Vehicular Communications.

The proceeding of Cool Chips 2011 is available.

Exploiting SPMD Horizontal Locality, in Computer Architecture Letters Jan 2011.

A Parallel Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Object Detection with Support Vector Machines, to appear in TC. It is partially based on the master thesis of Christos Kyrkou, titled “Embedded Hardware Architectures for Object Detection“.

Some interesting papers to appear in IEEE Micro:

RoboEarth, in Robotics and Automation Magazine June 2011.

ISSCC 2011 conference reports are in the MSSC Spring 2011:

Some interesting papers in TIP July 2011:

Complexity Reduced Face Detection Using Probability-Based Face Mask Prefiltering and Pixel-Based Hierarchical-Feature Adaboosting, in Signal Processing Letters August 2011.

Some interesting papers in TSP July 2011:

Some interesting papers in Transactions on Industrial Electronics July 2011:

Eigen-based traffic sign recognition, in IET-ITS Sept 2011.

Long Live Incremental Research!, an update version of Bertrand Meyer‘s earlier blog post, “One cheer for incremental research“. It has some amusing remarks about how US National Science Foundation (NSF) and European Research Council (ERC) fund projects.

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