2011-07-08 Log

Some preprints of ICCPS 2011:

Some interesting preprints in the International Journal of Robotics Research:

CCD vs. CMOS Image Sensors in Defense Cameras, thanks to the pointer from Image Sensor World.

Real-Time Suboptimal Model Predictive Control Using a Combination of Explicit MPC and Online Optimization, by Melanie Nicole Zeilinger, Colin Neil Jones, and Manfred Morari, in TAC July 2011. Manfred Morari did an interesting keynote in Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) 2011. The slides of the keynote is available here, but it requires sending a request by email.

A Case Study in System-Level Physics-Based Simulation of a Biomimetic Robot, in TASE July 2011. This paper is well written.

VISION 2011 to include focus on new interface standards for machine vision.

SpiNNaker – A Universal Spiking Neural Network Architecture , from U. Manchester.

Deep Inside AMD’s Master Plan to Topple Intel, and NVIDIA.

Picking Up the Pieces at Ravaged Tohoku University, in Science July 2011.

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